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We have genealogists who perform in-depth research in the California State Archives in Sacramento, California.

This archive contains:

  • Census Schedules 1852 state, 1860 federal, and 1880 federal
    Includes name, age, sex, occupation, birthplace and last residence; indexes available
  • County Records 1850-1987
    Includes probate court case files, wills, naturalizations, deeds, homesteads, and vital records for 28 counties. Not all records are available for all counties.
  • Mental Health Records* 1856-1934
    Records may include patient registers and case files for Agnews (located in Santa Clara), DeWitt (located in Auburn), Mendocino, Modesto, Sonoma, and Stockton State Hospitals. Some indexes are available.
  • Military Records 1850-1942
    Includes organization papers, muster rolls, and other records relating to Independent Militia Units, Indian Wars, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I and II. Name indexes available for Independent Militia Units, 1851-1866 and Civil War Volunteers, 1861-1867. For United States military records contact the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
  • Prison Records* 1850-1979
    Includes San Quentin and Folsom prison registers, inmate photographs, inmate case files (samples only) and pardon files. Name indexes, 1850-1979. Also available are Youth Authority registers and some case files for Whittier (1891-1948), Ventura (1909-1963, girls), and Preston (1894-1914); names indexes are available for records dated through 1930.

"You must be at least 18 years old to purchase"

  • Supreme and Appellate Court Cases 1850-1970
    Includes briefs, transcripts and opinions. Plaintiff and defendant name indexes, 1850-1930, are available.
  • Common School Reports 1862-1960
    Includes school districts, student attendance figures, grade taught, length of school year, school finances, names of teachers and condition of schools.
  • Articles of Incorporation 1850-1959
    Includes company name, purpose, place of business, names of officers and amount of capital invested.
  • Trademarks 1861-date
    Includes name of claimant, type of product, label specimen or written description and occasionally business address. Claimant and trademark name idexes available.
  • Department of Professional and Vocational Standards/Consumer Affairs – Licensing Files* 1885-1968
    Includes biographical data, letters, photographs, newspaper clippings relating to: Architectural Examiners, 1901-1947; Civil and Professional Engineers, 1930-1966; Cosmetologists, 1928-1960; Dental Examiners, 1885-1959; Medical Examiners, 1902-1981; Pharmacy Board, 1894-1994; Chiropractic Examiners, 1928-2000; and Social Work Examiners, 1940-1967.

Use the online descriptive catalog Minerva to search collections available at the California State Archives.

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Research fees in the California State Archives begin at $300 per project..

We also have California genealogists.

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