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Genealogy in Ireland: Part 4 – Civil Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Ireland

By Jayne McGarvey Civil Registration of non-Catholic Marriages commenced across the entire island of Ireland in 1845 with all Births, Marriages and Deaths commencing in 1864. The Superintendent Registrar’s Districts were not set up using the system of Civil Parishes or any other traditional land divisions but instead used the system of Poor Law Unions…


Genealogy in Ireland: Part 3 – Researching your Irish Methodist Roots

By Jayne McGarvey Researching early Methodist records in Ireland can be complex because Methodism began as a religious movement rather than a church, growing out of the Established Church (Church of Ireland) following John Wesley’s visit to Ireland in the mid-1700s. Early Methodists were expected to attend other denominations for services and sacraments.  This followed…

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Genealogy in Ireland: Part 2 – Organization of Parish Records in Ireland

By Jayne McGarvey If you are searching for a baptismal, marriage or burial record in Ireland for the period before commencement of Civil Registration (1845 for non-Catholic marriages, and 1864 for all births, marriages and deaths) you will need to know not only the religion of your ancestor but also the Parish and preferably the…


Genealogy in Ireland: Part 1 – Getting Started

By Jayne McGarvey Are you considering exploring your Irish roots for the first time, or want to investigate your family history further but are unsure where to start? Irish genealogy has somewhat of a reputation for being a disappointing and frustrating pastime for amateur family historians. Stories of people hitting the dreaded brick wall, and that all the…


Don’t Be Gullible: Being Aware of Genealogical Fraud (Part One)

By Sharon Hall Genealogy has become one of the world’s most popular hobbies.  USA Today noted that genealogy was bested only by the number one hobby of gardening.  In terms of Internet searches genealogy is second behind (regrettably) pornography.   It’s no wonder genealogy research has become such a popular pursuit with popular television programming…