is the largest family history research firm in the world. We are revolutionizing the way family history research is performed by providing access to the world’s offline records.

Our firm consists of over 4,000 professional genealogists, historians, private investigators, forensic scientists, DNA experts, university professors/scholars, and archivists who live near and work in hundreds of archives and repositories around the globe. This network has reshaped the model for how family history research is performed. No longer must we rely on the small percentage of records that are available online nor depend on the expertise of just a few researchers.

Because of our rapid growth, has several full-time and part-time positions available, including:

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Local lookups. If you need records that are not in your local archive, our professional researchers in other areas can find those records for you quickly.
  • No non-compete agreements. When you work for us, you are still free to accept other projects, even from other firms.
  • Entirely online submission of deliverables. No need to create any hard copies. Work from the comfort of your own home.

If you are a professional genealogist interested in joining our team, please complete this form. Through this form we will learn more about your experience, interests, skills, and what/if any repositories you can visit. This knowledge will allow us to reach out to you when new projects that are a fit for those skills, interests and locations come through.