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We have genealogists who perform in-depth research in the New Hampshire State Archive in Trenton, New Hampshire.

This archive includes:

  • Probate Records
    Provincial Period (1630s-1771)
    Cheshire County (1771-1899)
    Grafton County (1773-1899)
    Hillsborough County published index only (1771-1882)
    Merrimack County (1823-1984)
    Rockingham County (1771-1918)
  • Land Title Deeds
    Provincial Period (1630s-1771)
    Grafton County (1773-1899)
    Rockingham County (1771-1824; Indexed 1771-1959)
  • Petitions to the Governor, Council, and Legislature (1680-c. 1850; + 1951)
  • New Hampshire State and Provincial Papers 40 vol. set & cumulative index (1623-1800)
  • Military Indices
    C. E. Potter’s Military History of New Hampshire, 1623-1861
    S. Lanzerdorf’s New Hampshire Militia Officers, 1820-1850
    Revolutionary War Rolls (N.H. State & Provincial Papers)
    War of 1812 Soldiers Index (21st Regiment)
    A. D. Ayling’s Civil War Register Index
    Civil War Pension Index
    Civil War Enlistment Cards and Papers
    Civil War Cemetery Records
    Civil War Death Rolls
    Civil War Muster Rolls, Descriptive Rolls, & Returns
    “Military Miscellaneous” V64 (Revolutionary to recent publications)
  • Censuses and Population Information
    J. M. Holbrook’s New Hampshire Residents, 1633-1699
    “Constructed” Censuses: 1732; 1765; 1776; some towns 1798
    Published Census Indices Only: 1800; 1810; 1820
    Federal Census Books: 1850; 1860; 1870; 1880
    Hillsborough County Census: 1801
    Strafford County Census: some towns 1840
  • Name Changes
    Published Indices to N.H. Laws (1643-1881; 1885-1995)
    R. P. Roberts’ New Hampshire Name Changes 1768-1923
    Index to N.H. Name Changes (1840-1940)
  • Photographs, Portraits, and Prints
    Foreign Dignitaries
    State Officials
    Military Service Members & Groups
    Clergy Members
    State and Local Buildings, Structures, & Places
    N.H. Notables & Personalities
    Town Plans, Documents, & Aerial Photographs
  • Naturalizations
    Belknap County (1842-1975)
    Grafton County (1773-1906)
    Hillsborough County (1845-1990)
    Merrimack County (1847-1948)
    Rockingham County (1771-1919)
    Sullivan County (1800s-1900s)
  • Voter Checklists (1904-2004)
  • Guide to the National Archives of Quebec Province microfiche
  • Warnings Out of Town
  • Secretary of State Miscellaneous Records
  • Handwriting and Paleography
    E. K. Kirkham’s Handwriting of American Records for a Period of 300 Years
    E. K. Kirkham’s How to Read the Handwriting and Records of Early America
  • Prisoners Indices
    State Prison Mittimus (“Mitt”) Files (1812-1973)
    Rockingham County Prisoners Index (1772-1840+)
  • Town Records and Town Inventories Indices
  • Rosters of N.H. House of Representatives and Senate
  • Church of Latter Day Saints’ “Descriptive Index of the New Hampshire Collection”
  • Index to N.H. Laws (1643-1881; 1885-1995)
  • Index to Executive Council Minutes
  • Marriage Intentions
    P. J. Oesterlin’s N.H. Marriage Licenses and Intentions, 1709-1961
    Intentions Index (1770s-1850s)
    City of Concord Intentions (1830-1869)
    Governor Wentworth Sanctions (1772-1775)
    Out of State Minister Marriage Intentions (1921-1961)
  • Maps and Plans
    Masonian Plans (1600s)
    Carrigain Town Maps (1805) and State Map (1816)
    County Maps (c. 1858)
    Atlas of New Hampshire Towns (1892)
  • County and Town Histories small random collection
  • Paupers Indices
    Paupers Surname Index
    Alphabetical Paupers Index
    Rockingham County Paupers Index (1772-c. 1850)
  • New Hampshire Register (1796; 1807; 1810-1908; 1919-1921; 1942-1959)
  • Court Records
    Provincial Period (1630s-1772)
    Belknap County unprocessed (1841-1899)
    Grafton County (1773-1899; Indexed 1773-1805 & 1817-1828)
    Hillsborough County (1772-1906+; Indexed 1772-1800+)
    Merrimack County (1823-1900; Indexed 1824-1853)
    Rockingham County (1772-1980)
    Strafford County (1775-1899; Indexed 1775-1830)
    Sullivan County (1828-1972)

We’ll search records for you and email you digital images of what we find.

Research fees in the New Hampshire State Archives begin at $300 per project.

We also have New Hampshire genealogists.

To request in-depth research, request a research quote.

"You must be at least 18 years old to purchase"

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